How soon do I have to place my order?

The sooner the better – 2 weeks before event is required to process your order.


Do you accept last minute orders?

Last minute orders are not recommended but may be accepted if stock is available.  Extra fee will be incurred if not ordered within 14 days of event. 

Is there a delivery/pickup charge?

Yes, there is a delivery/pickup charge.  It is not included in the original online order but, will be applied over the phone dependent on time and location of event



When do you deliver?

We usually make our deliveries a day or two before the event though,  some venues require same day delivery and/or pickup which will incur an additional service fee.

Can you deleiver without me being there?

Yes we can, provided we can leave equipment in garage or covered area.

Do you set up the equipment?

Generally we do delivery and pickup of equipment, if set up required there will be an additional charge.